Mission of the Driver Qualification Committee

The Driver Qualification Committee (DQC) is empowered by the Board of Directors of the VSCCA and charged with the following duties:

  1. Maintains an Approved VSCCA Drivers List – The DQC judges if a VSCCA member is qualified to drive in VSCCA speed events, thereby admitting VSCCA members to the Approved VSCCA Drivers List. Should a VSCCA member wish to participate in vintage club speed events throughout North America, being on the Approved VSCCA Drivers List facilitates that entry. Simple medical examinations are required and are part of maintaining oneself on the VSCCA Approved Drivers List. Medical Examinations are required for wheel to wheel events ONLY. Participation in Hill Climbs DO NOT require a medical examination. A medical form may be found in the downloads option of the Members Only section of this website.
  2. VSCCA Drivers School – The DQC runs the VSCCA Drivers School which all new club members, irrespective of their past experience, must attend in order to be placed on the Approved VSCCA Drivers List.  Drivers who have not been on the track for three years must, depending on the circumstances, re-qualify either by simple application and interview or returning to the Drivers School.
  3. Incident Investigation – Should an incident occur, the DQC thoroughly investigates the accident by assessing any available video as well as questioning both drivers and course marshals. If a driver is found at fault, the committee can sanction the driver. Depending on the severity of the infraction, sanctions can range from a verbal warning, probation (13/13 – no accidents for 13 months or 13 races, whichever comes first), mandatory participation in a racing school or ultimately, suspension of driving privileges. Sanctions on VSCCA members are reported to the Vintage Motorsport Council (VMC) which shares our sanctioning decisions with other vintage race clubs in the United States. These sanctions follow a VSCCA club member irrespective with which club he or she participates in. With the advent this past year of the VMC sharing data with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), transgressions within the VSCCA effectively follow a driver in almost every aspect of speed events throughout the United States.

Charles Bordin - Chairman

I drove my first competition laps at Lime Rock when I was 16 years old and participated in club racing from then on. I Joined the VSCCA in 1982 and became Chairman of the VSCCA Drivers Committee in 2006. I successfully promoted events and have been chairman of events at Lime Rock and other tracks since 1989. In addition, I have been Chairman of the Drivers Committee for Lime Rock Historic Festival since 1999. I have been a VSCCA driving instructor for many years before being on the drivers committee.

William Gelles Jr.

In 1971, I became a member of the VSCCA, being elected to the Board of Directors of the in 1973. My involvement in chairing events started in with the Fall Finale in1987 and 1988. Since 1989, I have been a Co-Event Chairman of The Lime Rock Historic Festival. In addition to my dedication to the VSCCA, I have been in possession of my FIA International Competition License since 1983 – 1990 and since 1990, holder of a FIA International Historic Competition License. Besides historic racing with the VSCCA, my competition experience includes the IMSA 12 Hours of Sebring competitor in 1983 & 1985 and IMSA 24 Hours of Daytona in 1984 & 1985.

Bob Mirabile

I began racing anything I could get my hands on at 16 years of age. and started racing go carts in New York State in my early 20s. From there I moved on to Porsche club driving events in my early 30s, and Porsche club racing in my mid to late 30s. I have been a member of Porsche Club of America for 30+ years and an SCCA member for 30+ years, participating in many SCCA events. I continue to maintain full competition licenses in SCCA, HSR, SVRA, and VSCCA. I joined the VSCCA 14years ago and have enjoyed racing with this group more that any other I have been involved with. I am the treasurer and a founding member of the FJNA group.

Santo Spadaro

I grew up going to races as a child at my father’s side while he prepped cars.
1980 started club racing.
2000 became an active vintage racer with VSCCA.