The Chief Scrutineer is empowered by the VSCCA Board of Directors and is responsible for:

  • Recommending the modification, addition or subtraction of safety measures on cars in VSCCA sanctioned speed events to the VSCCA Board of Directors.
  • Gathering individuals knowledgable on safety inspection in order to assist him in inspection of cars at VSCCA sanctioned speed events.
  • Setting guidelines for inspection of cars used in VSCCA sanctioned speed events.

The chief scrutineer, and his duly designated representatives, have full authority to deny an entrant participation in a VSCCA sanctioned speed event if that scrutineer deems a car unsafe to participate in a speed event.

Chief Scrutineer - Mark Lefferts

I joined the VSCCA in the spring of 1978 and since then have competed in over one hundred vintage car and motorcycle races. The same year, I began as an apprentice for my parents Vintage restoration and racing shop. I was taught by my Father at an early age, the importance and responsibility of preparing vintage race cars for competition. Since I have a background as a mechanic and a driver in both pre and post war cars, taking over as chief scrutineer is a good fit for me.

If you have been in the VSCCA long enough, there’s a good chance that my Mother hand stuffed your entry forms and other mailings. You may have spoken to my Father regarding car classification questions (he was a former director) and I may have handed you a tech sticker in the 70’s or 80’s. You may have attended one of many VSCCA tech seminars held at my parents shop in Ridgefield CT. Volunteering is something my family has done for the VSCCA over the last 40 plus years, so I look forward to keeping the tradition going a bit longer.