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Contact John Buckley
: 617 834 2230 please leave voicemail if we don't connect
: Hingham/Plymouth, MA, USA
More Information
Would prefer to sell all items to a fellow owner. Partial list attached. Price negotiable.

Healey parts inventory

2 Dayton HD spoke wheels (15) and 2 dunlap tires (5.50/15)
3 period Mag Mini lite center lock wheels (16) need restoration/ repair
set of BN1 drums and brake shoes and one backing plate with brake shoes and wheel cylinder
4 Bn 2 brake drums
Two complete front and rear set of remanufactured Bn2 brake shoes
Bn2 steering arm set
DWR narrow pulley
Whithrworth wrenches and sockets and hardware, AH special axle tool period carb. sync tool
SnapOn digital timing light
SU carb spares and tools
4 used hubs and wheel nuts
original carb connectors and banjo connectors
original head shows crack may be repair
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