2019 Grand Ascent Hill Climb

Event Information

Date(s) - Jun 07, 2019 - Jun 08, 2019
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Who's Attending

  • Steve Moskowitz
  • Richard Campbell
  • Jason Urban
  • Stefan Vapaa
  • Scott Fenley
  • Joe Parlanti
  • Michael Rich
  • jeffrey vogel
  • George G Vapaa
  • Jim Donick
  • Don Rose
  • Eric Logan
  • Jim Bottomley
  • Benjamin L.Bragg IV
  • ed hyman
  • Tom Ellsworth
  • J.R. Mitchell
  • Mitch McCullough
  • Orrie Simko

Grand Ascent Hill Climb

Friday, June 7th and Saturday June 8th, 2019

In addition to all the cars that are currently accepted by the VSCCA, the Grand Ascent at Hershey welcomes cars up to 1970! That corresponds with the last year the original Hershey Hillclimb was run. See below for details on car and driver eligibility.

Although the increasingly popular Grand Ascent, held on the grounds of the magnificent Hotel Hershey, chimes in as a relative lightweight in the hill climb world (7/10th’s of a mile and an elevation change of 200 feet), the “Ascent” can be deceiving. It is not steep, so can appear simple to negotiate. Nothing could be further from the truth. Short and quick straights are abruptly followed by acute, slightly off camber, and narrowing turns requiring delicate car control. The dappled lighting caused by the trees lining the road also make it challenging to gauge when to make your steering and braking inputs. This is an exciting course even for the hill climb experts among us. The presence of a return road adds to the enjoyment as the driver does not have to wait at the top prior to returning for another go. Outstanding track-side vantage points throughout make this is a popular spectator event which adds a vein of excitement that few hill climbs can hope to emulate.

Timed runs begin on Friday and last into Saturday. LIVE digital timing is instantly displayed at the top of the hill after you pass the finish line, at the bottom of the hill for those in the grandstands, and online on your smartphone! The level of excitement a driver feels when passing the chequered at the top and seeing your time in large red numbers is indescribable.

The Friday night kick-off party at the Hershey Gardens Conservatory features wonderful food and music held amid a beautiful lush indoor garden with a great collection of butterflies. It is just the way to begin a weekend that is certain to count as one of the more memorable times you can spend with your family. The VSCCA Saturday night dinner at the “What If… Of Hershey” restaurant will top the event off.

Lodging choices at all price ranges abound. Hershey is particularly pleasant in that there is a multitude of activities available for members of your family that lack the hill climb bug in them. Aside from the well known Hershey amusement park, you can treat your better half to a deservedly relaxing and pampering spa treatment at the Hotel Hersey.


  • Incredibly, because of the unique nature of the event and its association with The Elegance At Hershey, entry is only $150 per car.  Please pay by Paypal or mail your check to the Event Chair (address on event main web page).
  • The optional Saturday dinner party tickets are $65 per person which includes a wide selection of appetizers, choice of entree, dessert, and a complimentary adult beverage.
  • We ask that you bring or mail a check of $100 as a donation to “The Elegance At Hershey”, which is tax deductible, to support the charities the event was created for.

Enter online or send a paper entry! http://www.vscca.org/wp-content/uploads/2015-VSCCAEntryForm.pdf

Grand Ascent at Hershey General Eligibility Requirements

There are two classes of cars for this event, the Vintage Race Class and the Vintage Street Class.

Vintage Race Class

  • VSCCA cars with VSCCA logbooks
    ≤ 1970 non-VSCCA car with a competition logbook from another vintage racing or hillclimb club. No slick tires or competition tires with “holographic” tread will be permitted. Cars should be prepared similarly to VSCCA cars where presentation and originality are of greater importance than performance. All ≤ 1970 non-VSCCA cars are approved by the event chairman on a case-by-case basis.
  • For the Race class, all cars must conform to the VSCCA Safety Regulations (at a minimum) and pass the standard VSCCA Technical Inspection.

Vintage Street Class

  • ≤ 1970 Production sports cars and sporting sedans registered for street use, possibly mildly modified. No slick tires or competition tires with “holographic” tread will be permitted. All cars in this class are approved by the event chairman on a case-by-case basis.
  • For the Street class, car preparations similar to those for a “track day” are required. See the checklist below. Additionally, the car must pass the onsite safety inspection.

Possible exceptions in excess of the above might be possible for historically significant cars or cars that are “stock” or very lightly prepared.

Vintage Street Class Driver’s Gear

  • Minimum SA2010 Snell approved helmet.
  • Goggles or face shield mandatory for open cars.
  • Driver’s suit made of Nomex or similar fire resistant material.
  • Gloves and Socks of fire resistant material as above.

Vintage Street Class Car Preparation

  • Seatbelts or racing harness securely mounted
  • Fire extinguisher securely mounted and charged
  • Exterior and interior identification of the ignition switch (lightning bolt / arrow sticker).
  • Roll bars are not required, but if one is present FIA or SFI approved padding (no pipe insulation) must be present around the helmet impact areas.
  • Two throttle return springs.
  • No fluid leaks.
  • No loose items (floormats, tools, battery, etc.)

In order to reduce the paperwork required of our Event Chairs PAYPAL is the preferred method of payment. (Just complete the form below.)  If you insist on paying by check you will find the remittance address by clicking on the “Event Chair Contact Info” above and to the left.

Please complete a Tech Sheet prior to arriving at Tech.  Forms are available here:  Tech Sheets

Contact the Grand Ascent Hill Climb Chairman

If you are paying by check please send your payments to:

Stefan Vapaa
7 Speer Road
Wilmimgton Delaware 19809
Phone(C): (302) 559-9388


Bookings are closed for this event.

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