Fall Finale – A Prewar Celebration

Event Information

Date(s) - Sep 30, 2016 - Oct 01, 2016
All Day

Who's Attending

  • Eric Logan
  • Roger Cassin
  • Bradley Price
  • Joseph DeLucia
  • Sandy Leith
  • Mark Sherman
  • Mark O'Day
  • James F. Juhas
  • Stuart Forer
  • jeffrey vogel
  • Santo Spadaro
  • Mike Virr
  • Bill Gelles
  • Frank Mount
  • Kirk McNeil
  • Ernest Steubesand
  • Richard Campbell
  • Rick McCurdy
  • Jim Donick
  • Benjamin L.Bragg IV
  • Peter Charlap
  • Frank Filangeri
  • James Sanders
  • Erik Thomas
  • Daniel D. Leonard
  • Cap Chenoweth
  • Peter Daniel
  • Edward J. Sanson Jr.
  • Peter Greenfield
  • Greg Manocherian
  • John T. Mayo
  • Mitch McCullough
  • Butch O'Connor
  • Robert W. Goeldner
  • Sandra McNeil
  • Marc Cendron
  • jim messenger
  • John Feng
  • Joseph F Fuller Jr.
  • Ivan Frantz
  • Don Rose
  • Tom Miller
  • Todd Daniel
  • james m. stein
  • Orrie Simko

Fall Finale – A Prewar Celebration

September 30th –  October 1st, 2016

The VSCCA has long been accepted as the Guardian of the Prewar Sports Car in North America. As such, the Board of Directors (BOD) recently approved funds towards supporting the Fall Finale as the VSCCA’s Prewar Focus Event. 

Aside from exclusive grids for both Prewar and Preservation groups, there will be many features to make this year’s Fall Finale a very special event. The Fall Finale is destined to be memorable for all members in all classes of VSCCA cars. 

The VSCCA will award the Prewar Jerry Sherman Trophy. The trophy will be judged on a combination of originality (25 points), period preparation (25 points) and the remainder (50 points) as “track judging”. George Holman and David George will judge the quality of the car. The “track” score will be the sum of all course marshal posts and based on sportsmanlike conduct, adept car handling and clean passing. Lap times will only be to place cars in their appropriate grid places. The Fall Finale  is THE ONLY EVENT we know of anywhere that takes condition and originality of a prewar car as well as the ability of the driver and his or her vintage spirit into consideration. The last time this coveted Prewar trophy was given was more than a decade ago. A “Win”, “Place” and “Show” will be awarded. 

Jerry Sherman passed in 1991. He was a gentle man, generous with his time. He frequented VSCCA events with regularity and was the Prewar guru (especially French cars) of the VSCCA before Prewar cars became what they are today. He drove, repaired, collected and sold the cars because he truly loved them for their intrinsic value, not for their investment value. The awards are special not only because they are infrequently given, they are hand made by D.L George Coachworks! In the words of David George, “they will be something Jerry Sherman himself would have been proud of”.

There is a reduced entrance fee for the Preservation Class.  Also, the VSCCA medical requirement is waived for Preservation. Basic racing safety requirements are still mandatory. For the Preservation Class, passing is only on the straight. Brakes on by the 5 marker going down the straight into Big Bend. If you have a pre or postwar VSCCA eligible vehicle, keep it out of harms way but still have fun exercising it the way it was meant to be, this should be just your cup of tea!  

For the first time, the VSCCA has an Exhibition Class for pre-war cars. The display area for these Prewar gems are right next to the big tent  in the pre-war area of the paddock. Judging is  by popular vote (no entry fee). Exhibition Class cars, along with pre-war cars entered for the race, are invited to participate in parade laps each day ( no passing, touring pace).  Passengers are permitted during the Parade Laps. VSCCA driver approval is not required for Exhibition Class cars to participate and no racing safety equipment is required. Vintage attire is  encouraged. If you have a pre-war car, are reticent to place it at speed but would like to have a rare opportunity to drive it on this unique vintage track, you are invited to the Exhibition Class. 

Enter a postwar vehicle at the regular entry fee, and bring a prewar car at no additional charge!  

Other event features of this year’s Fall Finale will be a kickoff party on Thursday evening under “the big tent” by Big Bend. All participants and VSCCA members are invited.  An exclusive Prewar Paddock space, transponder timing and a Friday evening dinner  under the “Big Bend Tent” is also planned.

In addition, if you register for the Fall Finale and pay for the Full Weekend before August 22nd, we will give you another dinner ticket for a guest AT NO CHARGE!

Approved, non-VSCCA members are also welcome. If you know of someone interested that is not a club member, application to Charles Bordin for consideration to participate in the Fall Finale is all that is necessary.

Our many VSCCA prewar protagonists are excited, actively recruiting participation both within and outside our ranks. The Fall Finale is destined to have a Prewar showing the likes that our club, or any other for that matter, has not seen in a very long time. 

  Cut off date for Regular Entries is Tuesday, September 20th

Prewar cars as defined by the VSCCA are cars manufactured prior to 1940 or made during or after WWII which continued to be manufactured using prewar design and technology and original period parts (e.g. Prewar based specials, MG TC, late 1940’s HRG, Derby Specials as accepted by the VSCCA)

Contact Phil Roettjer

If you are paying by check please send your payments to:

Phil Roettjer
46 South Street
Upton, Ma 01568
Phone: (508) 529-6368


Bookings are closed for this event.

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