Fall Finale – The Prewar Celebration

Event Information

Date(s) - Sep 27, 2019 - Sep 28, 2019
All Day

Who's Attending

  • Richard Campbell
  • Roger Cassin
  • Meriwether Thompson
  • Kevin Clemens
  • Mark Sherman
  • Mark O'Day
  • Christopher Turner
  • stephen lehrman
  • Frank Mount
  • Dudley Cunningham
  • James F. Juhas
  • Ernest W. (Chip) Brown
  • Ernest Steubesand
  • Chris Cogswell
  • Mike Virr
  • Frank Filangeri
  • Glenn N. Reynolds
  • jeffrey vogel
  • Larry McKenna
  • Eric Logan
  • Stuart Forer
  • John Feng
  • Sandra McNeil
  • Mitch McCullough
  • James Warren
  • James Sanders
  • Don Rose
  • Jeff Hoover
  • Robert Mirabile
  • Jacki Amarosa
  • Butch O'Connor
  • Peter Charlap
  • Benjamin L.Bragg IV
  • Ross Hill
  • Tom Monti
  • Tom Morrison
  • Jason Urban
  • Bradley Price
  • Devin Giedra
  • Bruce Giedra
  • Ben Tarlow
  • John Feingold
  • Santo Spadaro
  • james m. stein
  • Andrew Williams
  • David Greenlees
  • Kirk McNeil
  • Michael E Clifford
  • Whit Smith
  • Erik Thomas
  • Michael Pinkus
  • thomas mccormack
  • Todd Daniel
  • Mitchell S. Eitel
  • Jon Goodman
  • Charles Schoendorf
  • Nick Grewal

The VSCCA has long been accepted as the Guardian of the Prewar Sports Car in North America. Over the past three years the Prewar grid has grown to be the best you will find in this country.

In addition to the exclusive grid for both Prewar we will also be having a “Touring Group”, much like Lime Rock is debiting at the Historic Festival 37.  More details to be announced shortly but think of it as a cross between Preservation and Exhibition.

As many of you know, Dan Davis, director/owner of Victory Lane is not only a vintage protagonist for many decades, he has also been an avid Prewar advocate. Dan has been very supportive of the VSCCA’s efforts to keep Prewar cars at our events. This year, as he’d did last, Dan will sponsor the VSCCA Prewar Celebration Cup, to be given annually, by Victory Lane. This is an award of national significance and it will recognize not only the best prepared Prewar but also the most appropriately driven in the Prewar grid at the Fall Finale. 


Again this year there are two incentives for the Prewar owner!
1.) Enter a postwar vehicle at the regular entry fee, and bring a prewar car at no additional charge!  
2.) Participate in the LRP Historic Festival on the Labor Day weekend with your Prewar car and receive a $100 credit towards your Prewar entry at the Fall Finale


Approved, non-VSCCA members are also welcome to The Prewar Celebration. If you know of someone interested that is not a club member, application to Charles Bordin for consideration to participate in the Fall Finale is all that is necessary.

Our many VSCCA prewar protagonists are excited, actively recruiting participation both within and outside our ranks. The Fall Finale is destined to have a Prewar showing the likes that our club, or any other for that matter, has not seen in a very long time.

Prewar cars as defined by the VSCCA are cars manufactured prior to 1940 or made during or after WWII which continued to be manufactured using prewar design and technology and original period parts (e.g. Prewar based specials, MG TC, late 1940’s HRG, Derby Specials as accepted by the VSCCA).

Touring Class

On Saturday we will have track time for our new Toring Class. This is a great way to introduce enthusiast to the club or to do some laps in a second car.  All VSCCA eligible cars qualify and cars pre-’75 on a case-by-case basis  (a ‘74 MGB or Etype, ok, for example).

The Touring Class is free for two-day registered Fall Finale participants who bring an approved second car and $250 for anyone entering the Touring Class but has not otherwise entered the event.  Each entrant will get four sessions on Saturday.

All Touring Class participants will need to register and attend the driver’s meeting morning and a special Touring Class Drivers Meeting after that.  Their cars would need to complete a tech inspection prior to going on track and fill out a special Touring Class inspection sheet (to be provided to entrants prior to the event).  Noteworthy requirements are as follows:

  • Mounted and secure fire extinguisher
  • Current (2010 or later) Snell approved helmet (nomex not required)
  • Seat belts (passenger type acceptable)
  • Tires in acceptable condition (treaded and not cracking)
  • Brake fluid fresh in appearance (old, dirty brake fluid would fail)
  • Brake lights in working order

On track passing is allowed by point-by on the front straight up to the 500 foot marker and on No-Name straight. No passing of designated pace car(s).

For More Information on The Touring Class please contact Ben Tarlow at 914-402-5799 or info@midcenturymotoring.com


To help reduce the paperwork required of our Event Chairs this web page is the preferred method of registration. (Just complete the form below.)  You will have option to pay by PayPal (PayPal also helps our Event Chair) or by check.  For payment by check, please make your check out to “VSCCA Inc.” The remittance address will be found by clicking on the “Event Chair Contact Info” above and to the left.

Please complete a Tech Sheet prior to arriving at Tech.  Forms are available here:

Tech Sheets

Fall Finale

The Prewar Celebration

September 27th –  September 28th, 2019

Contact Phil Roettjer

If you are paying by check please send your payments to:

Phil Roettjer
46 South Street
Upton, Ma 01568
Phone: (508) 529-6368

VSCCA Entry and Cancellation Policy

The Early Bird Entry is up to 10 days before the start of an event. If you DO NOT pay by PayPal and you decide to pay by check, your check MUST BE MAILED to the Event Chair no later than 2 business days after you register. If you do not send your check promptly and show up at the event check in hand, you will have to pay the Regular Entry fee.
NO CANCELLATIONS after 10 days prior to the event unless for medical or family issues


Bookings are closed for this event.

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