The Nutmeg XXIII


You might ask yourself what better way there is to pass a very rainy Saturday on winding, country roads. You might also ask yourself what in the world are you doing attempting to answer a questionnaire rife with riddles,  some obvious and some as diabolical as they come while on those country roads. While many elements on the roads give clues to those answers, it is Carol and Jim Doncik that gives life to them.Although this year’s event was experienced in rain (we needed it) the inclement weather did not dampen the enjoyment of the day in the least. What makes The Nutmeg so enjoyable of course are not only the bucolic country roads of the Hudson valley (this year’s theme being “the Farmer in the Dell”) but of course the truly pleasant people that participate. Sharing joyful meals and, of course, libations with fellow club members that one might not see at our speed events makes the Nutmeg special.

If there was EVER an event that one could enjoy to the fullest with your significant other in a most relaxed and elegant way, then this is it.

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