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  • VSCCA Newsletter 2020 January

    VSCCA Newsletter 2020 January Our colorful, timely newsletter contains information on upcoming 2020 events along with information on our new event registration system and other newsworthy topics.                                                          … Read More

  • Is your vintage car and trailer safe from theft? Here is some valuable information from Victory Lane Magazine:

    When you pick up a vintage racing magazine do you quickly flip through the pages to see if the world’s greatest race car (your own) is featured?  On occasion you might actually find an article full of valuable information.  Here is some valuable information on keeping your vintage car, trailer and tow vehicle safe and … Read More

  • VSCCA Mt.Equinox Hillclimb 2019

    This year.s Mt. Equinox Hillclimb is now in the history books.  Here are some photos from one of the club’s favorite events.

  • 6th Annual Thompson Vintage Motorsports Festival

    Once again the VSCCA jointed with VRG to celebrate historic Thompson Speedway.  VSCCA had to race groups.  The first was for the David Belden Trophy for production and sports cars under 2 liters.  The second was the Vanderbilt Challenge for Formula Juniors.

  • VSCCA Spring Sprints 2019

    Better late than never.  Some photos from the 2019 Spring Sprints at LRP.

  • Sample Post With Gallery – Dow

    2018 Mt. Equinox Hillclimb A few photos from this year’s very successful Mt. Equinox Hill Climb.  Look for an article by Jim Donick in Victory Lane.

  • Inaugural White Mountain Vintage Grand Prix July 20-21, 2018

    Some 45 VSCCA members took to the new Club Motorsports track at Tamworth, New Hampshire.  They had a great time.  The track is big at 2.5 miles and 15 turns and is a real roller coaster. The elevation between turn one and turn ten is some 250 feet but in a lap the elevation change … Read More

  • 2018 VSCCA/HRG Empire Cup at LRP June 1-2, 2018

    The innovative sports racers of the 1950s are cherished for their important contribution to the growth of motor racing as we know it today. Marques like Lotus, Lola, Elva, Ginetta and Porsche all represent dramatic breakthroughs in the design of the modern racecar. To celebrate these important and iconic racecars the Vintage Sports Car Club … Read More

  • 2018 VSCCA Tech Session at MWE Ronkonkama, NY

    Photography from the VSCCA’s annual spring tech session.  This year it was the amazing engine builder MWE on Long Island.  Thanks to Mark Sherman and Dave Zavetsky for documenting some amazing engines and engine bits!

  • Mount Equinox Annual Hill Climb – July 9th and 10th, 2016

    The 68th running of the Mount Equinox Hill Climb, although quite unusual to have  rain both days, did not deter the stalwart lovers of this event. The Mal Donaldson Award was given to Dick Waite and the Rene Dreyfus Cup, given by the course marshals for exemplary negotiation of the course, was given to Tom Miller. The event will return to the August date for 2017. In addition, while speaking with Frank Dyer, the  manager of mountain, he told us that the Carthusian Foundation has a 5 year plan to repave the remainder of the road starting with very bottom and working their way up from there.