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The Vintage Sports Car Club of America - V.S.C.C.A., Inc. - is the oldest automotive preservation club in America that offers a complete race program in addition to rally and other automotive conservation events.  The emphasis is on rare and unusual sports & racing cars including pre-war and certain post war cars through December 31, 1959*

We exist "to encourage the acquisition, preservation, restoration, and operation of vintage sports cars"

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Mac is Turning 90!

Gordon C. MacKenzie
Please come and Celebrate!
Sunday February 21st
3:00 PM
at his Favorite Restaurant:
The Amenia Steakhouse

Details, click PDF


Historic Photos - #52 from web + Top of Mt Equinox - collection of John Rutherford

Please note - there is so much going on that is new this season that I am posting the link to

The VSCCA 2016 Newsletter Issue 1

from our activities chair on this page and on the events page...(erh)

VSCCA 2016 Newsletter Issue 1 - AC2016-1pages.pdf


April 2 - VSCCA Tech Session Norristown, PA

This year’s Tech Session will be held in Pennsylvania, chaired by Pat Valerio. VSCCA member Dr. Bob Mirabile is hosting this event and it promises to be memorable as his car collection is large, varied with vehicles at high levels of restoration. You do not want to miss this. The lecture alone will be worth the trip.

January 30th - "Dead Of Winter" VSCCA Social Gathering

Sandwich Heritage Museum, Sandwich, MA

Photos - "Dead Of Winter" VSCCA Social Gathering

Photos - January 30th - "Dead Of Winter" VSCCA Social Gathering = Page 2

Folklore pretends to offer the saying : It never snows on Cape Cod.
Well , that all went out the window last year didn't it ?
We will try to reinstate the fable by offering a special invite to the Sandwich Heritage museum , located in Sandwich Ma., and their wonderful car collection .

The VSCCA members and friends have an EXCLUSIVE private invitation set for January 30 at 10;00 AM on the museum grounds.
The museum is usually closed at this time so ignore any google information.

Our guest host and tour guide is Dave McGraw who looks after the vehicles and is a well know restorer and Harley collector as well. The facility is located not far from the town center and only a few miles off Route 6/ Mid Cape Hwy, sixty miles from Boston.
We will follow our tour with lunch at The British Beer Company restaurant located in downtown Sandwich.
We visited their Hyannis location last year with pleasant reviews .

Chris Towner,

Where might you find Vintage cars & Happy Vintage people?

The 2016 VSCCA Spring Vintage Rallye Tour
Friday, June 24, 2016 - Sunday, June 26, 2016

the focus hotel is accepting reservations

2016 VSCCA Spring Vintage Rallye Tour PDF

Some VSCCA Spring Vintage Rallye photos

At each VSCCA event your humble editor Jim Donick & webmaster ed hyman request that one or two brave souls offer a short write-up to share with those members who could not be there

This one submitted by Mary Marek Holman. 

The VSCCA Stockbridge Rallye - October 2014


(thank you Mary)

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1954 Swallow Doretti

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