Mission of the Car Classification Committee

The Car Classification Committee (CCC) is made up of club members empowered by the Board of Directors of the VSCCA to investigate the eligibility of a newly submitted Sports or dedicated Race Car that a club member wishes to participate with in VSCCA sanctioned events. The decision of the CCC to accept an application is based on year, make, model, current condition and provenance of the car. Should there be any reservations regarding the eligibility of the car, it is the applicant’s responsibility to supply the CCC with supporting documentation. After investigation by the CCC, the application is presented to the Board of Directors (BOD) for a simple majority vote of ratification. Once ratified, it is added to the  VSCCA Vehicle Eligibility List.

  • A Pre 1960 vehicle will be added to the current Class II approved list of vehicles.
  • Vehicles that are post 1959 through December 31st 1965 ( Class V ) will not appear on the approved list as they will be accepted on a case by case basis. Class V cars will also be presented to the entire BOD for a vote on eligibility.

This process balances fair and transparent decisions with the integrity, spirit and traditions of the VSCCA.

Benjamin L. Bragg IV as CCC Chair

I joined the VSCCA in 1973 and have been a continuous member since.
Most of my career, although a degreed mechanical engineer, has been spent loving and restoring antique and vintage racing and sports cars.

By around 1976 I was the chief scrutineer and was the original writer of what now has evolved into our tech inspection sheet.

I met Jerry Greaves in the mid 70’s and became a lifelong friend. I always told him that when he was ready to step aside a chair of the CCC that I would like to take over.

As CCC Chair I am not here to cause problems but to help resolve them. I am very easy going and will listen to most any plan. In this position I am the messenger. I have to uphold the rules and traditions and I am impassioned and want to see the VSCCA continue to prosper.

Graham Long

Work in progress.