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VSCCA Club History

Born in the romance of vintage cars on the road.

The VSCCA was founded December the 14th of 1958 in Boston - the brainchild of a group of Sports Car enthusiasts interested in a club that would focus on the cars, their history, their preservation, and their use.

Several of these enthusiasts had also been founders of the Sports Car Club of America just over ten years earlier and had watched that club evolve towards one more focused on competition than upon the cars themselves. It appears they resolved to remedy this situation by creating a new club, the Vintage Sports Car Club of America (VSCCA). The impetus for the founding came from two mid-fifties events that brought American and British enthusiasts together for what were called the Anglo-American Vintage Car Rallies. In 1954 a group of Americans took their cars to the UK to be guests of the British Vintage Sports Car Club (VSCC) and in 1957 the Americans hosted the British. Exposure to the VSCC in the UK served to further encourage the Americans’ enthusiasm and from that enthusiasm came the founding of the VSCCA.

Initially the club was focused on prewar cars but soon those of the early fifties were made welcome. As the club grew, the Officers and Board of Directors came to realize that the VSCCA would need to work hard at staying true to the founders’ vision.

Over time a calendar of events evolved with an effort to offer activities for all interests within the club and to ensure that wheel-to-wheel racing events would be kept low key and sporting as well as ensuring that they would not come to redefine the club itself.

As the vintage racing movement grew up in the United States, often in the wake of the VSCCA’s successes, the club made a decision that one of the best ways to keep its own traditions vibrant was to maintain the focus on the cars that were available in the earliest days of the club, yet welcome cars through the early seventies to race with us.

Now, nearly sixty years after its founding, the VSCCA continues to offer its members a balanced calendar of events be they over the road, on the slopes of various hill climb venues and on racing circuits. Additionally this commitment to the club’s identity has made the VSCCA now about the only club in the United States that keeps the prewar and postwar fifties sports cars active, yet recognizes newer vintage cars and welcome them at our events. We choose to stay firmly rooted in those earlier days when driving sports cars was still a romantic adventure.

In 1958 the founders of the club chose to keep its ambiance romantic. We, many of whom have come later to their vision, have come for the romance.

Honorary Founding Members

Paul Ceresole
Everett M Dickinson
Clark Kendall
Theodore F Robertson
Russ G Sceli
Robert DeHart
George E Felton
R Willis Leith
Edgar L Roy

Honorary Members

Gaston Andrey

Anatoly Arutunoff

Skip Barber

Luigi Chinetti

Anthony S Carroll

Briggs S Cunningham

Rene Dreyfus

Alexis I DuPont

Sidney W Farnsworth

Gary J Ford

Robert G Fuller

Preston Gray

James E Haynes

Fred L Herdeen

H Dieter Holterbosch

Richard Irish

George Jasberg
Beverly Rae Kimes

Malcolm R Labatt-Simon

Brian Lister

Gordon C MacKenzie

Donna Maxwell

William F Milliken

Sir Stirling Moss OBE FIE

William F B O’Donnell

H Paul Richards

Frank R Righetti

Murray L Smith

J Bruce Stevenson

Theodore H N Wales

Barbara F Weaver

Frederick E Willits

George Jasberg
David H Ash

Frank Bott

Henry A Clark Jr

Valerie Clark

Frank Dominianni

Philip J Dreyfus

Ian Dussek

John C Fitch

Nicholas Franco Jr

Howarth C Gilmore

Jerry J Greaves

Peter Helck

Philip T Hill

H. Hollis Hunnewell

John R Jacobson

George Jasberg
I Otto Linton

Karl E Ludvigsen

John H Marshall

John V Meyer

Jerome S Morici

Stanley Nowak

Candler H Poole Jr

Robert Richer

William Rutan

John Schieffelen
John Stanford

Frederick A Simeone MD

Philip F Walters

George Weaver