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1969 Dan Gurney Eagle Mark 5 F5000
Offered at $199,900
Chassis #511
Driven by Davey Jordan, 1970, and Swede Savage at the Questor Grand Prix, 1971
New in 1969 to American International Racing Inc, the team formed in January 1969 by actor James Garner and mobile home tycoon John C Crean (San Juan Capistrano, CA). For the Questor GP in March 1971, the car was taken over by Junor-Tarozzi Engineering (Tustin, CA), led by former AAR Trans-Am project manager Robert L. Tarozzi, and fellow AAR crew member Bruce Junor, and fitted with a Keith Black Plymouth engine for Swede Savage to drive.

The Eagle has undergone a multi year restoration to perfection and has been track tested.
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