2019 Spring Sprints & Drivers School w/ LRP Drivers Club

Event Information

Date(s) - May 03, 2019 - May 04, 2019
All Day

Who's Attending

  • Sandra McNeil
  • Stuart Forer
  • Kevin Clemens
  • Roger Cassin
  • Rick Neves
  • Willem Oswald
  • Mark Sherman
  • Edward J. Sanson Jr.
  • Chris Cogswell
  • Richard Campbell
  • stephen lehrman
  • james m. stein
  • Frank Filangeri
  • Allen Ward
  • Jeffrey Sienkiewicz
  • Mitch McCullough
  • Lee Hower
  • Ernest W. (Chip) Brown
  • James F. Juhas
  • Ernest Steubesand
  • Mike Virr
  • Mark O'Day
  • Michael Kaleel
  • Bill Gelles
  • donald dingman
  • Larry Eckler
  • Thomas Walko
  • Glenn N. Reynolds
  • John Feingold
  • Eric Logan
  • Whit Smith
  • Robert Mirabile
  • Michael E Clifford
  • Erik Thomas
  • James Bok
  • R Keelips
  • David Greenlees
  • Andrew Williams
  • Hervey Parke
  • Joseph F Fuller Jr.
  • Eric Minoff
  • Devin Giedra
  • Tom Morrison
  • donald law
  • Edward A Callo
  • Tom Monti
  • Daniel M Daet
  • Rich Maloumian JR
  • Jacki Amarosa
  • Peter Ross
  • Nick Grewal
  • Ralph Salomon
  • Jim Shelly
  • Franck Ceklarz
  • Ben Tarlow
  • Santo Spadaro
  • christopher.d.larsen
  • Mark Lefferts
  • Bradley Price
  • Andrew Male
  • Benjamin L.Bragg IV
  • Ross Hill
  • Bruce Giedra
  • Ted Goneos
  • Michael Pinkus
  • Bob Webber
  • Todd Hill
  • David Zavetsky

Spring Sprints at Lime Rock – May 3 & 4

              Join us in welcoming the spring at Lime Rock Park May 3rd and May 4th. There is no better way to welcome the warm sunshine of spring than to bring your car out to the beautiful Litchfield Hills of Connecticut. Thanks to partnering with the LRP Driver’s club, we have two full days of racing. Not only will you be able to blow the cobwebs out of both your car and yourself, but you will also get to relax with friends you may not have seen since last year thanks to adequate breaks between grids.

             The VSCCA driver’s school will also be held that weekend with our new VSCCA members. This event has always been a good place to see old friends and make new ones. 

The Early Bird Entry is up to 10 days before the start of an event. If you DO NOT pay by PayPal and you decide to pay by check, your check MUST BE MAILED to the Event Chair no later than 2 business days after you register. If you do not send your check promptly and show up at the event check in hand, you will have to pay the Regular Entry fee.


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Contact the Spring Sprints Chairman

If you are paying by check please send your payments to:

Ben Tarlow
3199 Albany Post Road
Suite 107F
Buchanan, New York 10511


Bookings are closed for this event.

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