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      The Forum is looking good but it would be great if it had a navigation “tree” or something so you could get back to the top of the forum if you are in a topic. The “Back” button works I suppose.

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      Any way to include a photo or other attachment? I saw an error with the “unsubscribe” link that I wanted to attach but the only way I can is with the “img” and it wants a URL.

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        Thank you for the feedback. I will get to work on it.


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      Notification of a post to all VSCCA members: I would like to see an email go out to all members if someone posts. The choice can be either every time a post is made, a notification goes out or via a weekly notification of all posts that have been made the previous week (a digest). This way, members are prompted to engage in discussion and comment on various subjects.

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      I will be putting together a web site for our 65 year reunion. One thing it will have will be a great forum. I started looking at what is available today. When I find one that has an index of topics I’ll post it here. When I created the first web site for the Ginetta Owners Club, a couple of decades ago, it had a great forum. The problem is I don’t remember the name of the company. I just did a search on the new GOC and they are using several templates are available. I like the template used by GOC and don’t like the one on the Kunena site provided. I’d be happy to ask if the new webmaster at GOC could provide information if your interested. If a committee member lives near Nashua we could get together and see the GOC forum.

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      I sent an Email to Terry Piner in France and got a reply already. If any committee member would like to see the GOC forum let me know and I’ll tell you how to get in.

      “Done that, all three to one post. By the way, keep on posting!
      I think you can log in to the site with your login multiple times, so
      just give your details, then I can change yours to something else later
      if required.
      To be fair , it’s a very standard forum “Kunena” + Blue Eagle template.
      I have resisted all the “Community builder” stuff as it turns the forum
      into Facebook with followers and private messaging.
      All the very best”

      As I said I’m in the process of putting a class reunion web site together and will check with the hosting provider to see if Kunena is compatible.
      The first line of his reply was about the forum. The edit button is not active for individual messages. I’ll have to talk to Terry about that.

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