VSCCA Membership Form

**The application form specifies the requirements for applying, which include two letters of recommendation from two VSCCA members that have been with the club for at least one year. If you do not know anyone in the VSCCA, you are invited to attend any of our speed events as a spectator or even participate in either the Spring Rallye at the end of June or Nutmeg Rallye in the autumn. You do not have to be a member in order to participate in a rallye or one of our concours or social events. In addition, the taste of Lime Rock, held at the Spring Sprints in the beginning of May, is open to non members as well.
**If you would prefer to pay by check please print the VSCCA membership application by clicking here. Complete the form and return it with your 2 letters of recommendations from 2 VSCCA members, and a check sent to the VSCCA c/o Scott Fenley, 39 Woodland Drive, New Britain PA 18901-5243, USA.

Attach 2 letters of recommendations from 2 VSCCA members.
You are required to upload 2 letters of recommendation! Files accepted txt, doc, pdf or docx

Your Cars

Excerpts from the Club By-laws, as revised February 2015:


  • CLASS I Sports cars and race cars built before 1945.
  • CLASS II Rare or unusual sports cars and race cars built after 1944 but not after December 31, 1959. "Rare or unusual" to be
    determined on an individual basis by the Car Classification Committee, with the approval of the Board of Directors (See
    Article VII, Section 3).
  • CLASS III Formula Junior cars built before December 31, 1964.
  • CLASS IV Sedan Class cars built before December 31, 1965.
  • CLASS V Extremely rare or unusual cars built after December 31, 1959 but prior to December 31, 1965, may be approved on an individual chassis number basis by the Board upon the advice of the Car Classification Committee. The Board, at its discretion, may further identify these cars with a log book of a different color than is used for the cars in Class 2.

Please give the information called for below, on eligible cars (see above) owned by you individually or in partnership, or under your charge (museums). Ownership of a classified car is not required for club membership.

Include only such cars as conform to one of the classes defined above.

(Restored, Operating, etc.)
Listing of a car in this section does NOT insure the car’s Eligibility

Membership & Dues

*Active Membership - $115 - includes: Annual dues, $85 and Initiation fee & car badge, $30
Membership Fee
* Additional car badge - $30 Each
+1 Badge+2 Badges+3 Badges+4 Badges+5 Badges
* Lapel button (Club emblem) - $5 Each
+1 Button+2 Buttons+3 Buttons+4 Buttons+5 Buttons
* Cloth patch (Club emblem) - $8 Each
+1 Patch+2 Patches+3 Patches+4 Patches+5 Patches
By submitting this form you will be redirected to paypal to make a payment for your VSCCA membership and any extra items selected. The money paid at this time is fully refundable if the membership is denied for any reason.