VSCCA “the cars are of paramount importance.”

The Vintage Sports Car Club of America – V.S.C.C.A., Inc. – is the oldest automotive preservation club in America that offers a complete race program in addition to rally and other automotive conservation events. The emphasis is on rare or unusual sports & racing cars including pre-war and certain post war cars through December 31, 1965.

Important VSCCA Event Updates

VSCCA 2020 Season to open with the White Mountain Vintage GP at Tamworth, July 10-11

Surely you are champing at the bit to get on the track by now!   First up for the VSCCA this year will be the 3rd White Mountain Vintage Grand Prix at the fantastic 2.5 mile Club Motorsports circuit in Tamworth, New Hampshire, Friday-Saturday, July 10-11.  This is a track you will not want to miss;  many now consider it their favorite track!  For more info:   Club Motorsports .

As always, you will have an abundance of track time.  I foresee running two groups, which worked well last year.  We are planning for eight 25-minute sessions over two days!  We will open the eligibility for this event up again as we did last year:  cars up to 1970 (and continuations such as BMWs and Alfas) that are up to six cylinders, with largely stock bodies (no wings) and treaded tires will be accepted for VMC licensed drivers. 

Please remember this is a muffled event.  110 leaded race gas will be available.

If you think you are likely to enter please do so now as it will be great help to get an idea of what we are looking at for entry.  Remember with our new motorsportreg.com entry process there are no Paypal fees and your credit card will not be charged until after the event.  If you need to withdraw for whatever reason you may do so with no cost to you.  You can enter here:    White Mountain VGP at Tamworth

If you would do so by June 10th that would be much appreciated.

Those who have been to Tamworth know there is plenty of space with two paddocks so social distancing will not be a problem.  More details on our precautionary plans will be forthcoming.  New Hampshire lodging establishments with fewer than 20 rooms can open fully and those with 20 rooms or more can book 50% of their rooms (effective June 6).  There is plenty of lodging within a 15-mile radius, click her to take a look:  Tamworth Hotels Tripadvisor

Please make sure you have lodging and let me know if you encounter any problems in that regard.

Best regards,
Mark O’Day
Activities & WMVGP Chairman

Empire Cup at Lime Rock — July 24 – 25, 2020
We need about 70 VSCCA cars to make this a viable event.   If you enter and the event is cancelled, your credit card will not be charged and there are no Paypal fees.  So there is no risk.  Please enter here so we can make an informed decision: Empire Cup at Lime Rock Park  Empire Cup at Lime Rock Park

Entry Fees

  • With so much up in the air, the VSCCA Board has decided to maintain the “Early Bird” entry rate for our remaining 2020 track events.  For VSCCA members the Empire Cup will be $525.  For Thompson, Tamworth (WMVGP), and the Fall Finale it will be $475.The entry process on motorsportreg.com has been updated to reflect these changes. There are no changes to our other events.  Please go here to enter:     VSCCA on motorsport.reg  
  • There are no changes to the Mt. Equinox Hill Climb since there was no Early Bird discount. Please go here to ente  Mt. Equinox Hillclimb
  • The Lime Rock Historics have extended their Early Bird $100 discount to July 15th.  They have asked that entrants please sign up earlier to help them with their planning.  (They will not process payments until July 15.)   Please go here to enter: Lime Rock Historic Festival
  • With this announcement please bear in mind the intention of the Early Bird entry rate was to encourage early entry so Event Chairs had enough time to plan.  If you intend to enter an event please do not wait until the last few days to do so.The EC’s job is hard enough without having to solve for a flurry of entries at the last minute.

Assuming these events move forward, rest assured that we will do everything we can to minimize any exposure risk.  We don’t need to get into details now but we will share as the events approach. 


  • Driver Medicals:  If your medical expired at the end of the 2019 season, that medical will be accepted for the 2020 season.  We encourage you to get it updated as soon as it is reasonable to do so.  The Event Chair does reserve the right to deny racing privileges to a member with an expired medical if he feels that there is a high probability that the member in question would not be given medical clearance by a doctor.  Medical forms are available at: Medical Form
  • Communications: If you know a member who does not use email, or a smartphone please give them a call and let them know these updates. Our next mailed communication will be the Newsletter, due out in mid-May.  It will probably be delayed to accommodate any developments.

 Best regards and good health!
Mark O’Day
Activities Chairman


(Please click the links below for registration through motorsportreg.com.)

Video Tutorial for VSCCA Members new to MSR

Video Tutorial for VSCCA Members with MSR accounts, registering for VSCCA events

Empire Cup at Lime Rock Park, Rescheduled to July 24 – 25, 2020        Click here to see the current entry list.

White Mountain Vintage Grand Prix at Tamworth, NH July 10-11, 2020 Click here to see the current entry list.

Mt. Equinox Hillclimb, August 8-9, 2020      Click here to see the current entry list. 

Lime Rock Historic Festival 38, Sept. 4-7, 2020   https://limerock.com/historicfestivalparticipantinfo

Sunday in the Park Concours, Lime Rock Park Sept 6,2020 

Fall Finale at Lime Rock Park, Oct. 2-3, 2020         Click here to see the current entry list.

25th Nutmeg Rally, Oct 24, 2020

VSCCA Annual General Meeting, November 7, 2020

Righetti Holiday Lunch, TBA

Boston Holiday Lunch, December 13

Cancelled Events:

The following upcoming events have been cancelled or rescheduled for 2020:

  • Wilbraham Hillclimb May 16 cancelled.
  • Empire Cup rescheduled to July 24 – 25.
  • Thompson Vintage Festival June 12 – 13 cancelled.
  • 2020 Vintage Charity Tour, June 26 – 28 cancelled.
  • Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix July 25 – 26 cancelled.
  • Vintage Racing Stable Concours & Dinner, August 2-3 cancelled.

We thank the organizers for their efforts and look forward to partaking in these events in 2020.  Please note the latter two were charity fund raisers and they could still use your help:

Vintage Charity Tour:   Connecticut Hospice     Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Disease

Vintage Racing Stable Concours and Dinner:   Boys and Girls Club of NH Lakes Region

No Events